1763 Wordsworth Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55116
Q: When did your house sell?
A: We received multiple offers in late August with a closing date scheduled for October.
Q: Why does MLS show your house "Pending Sale"?
A: We are told that the house remains in MLS until the sale is closed, in case anything changes and the sale does not occur. We are not seeking or accepting offers at this time.
Q: Why did you sell your house?
A: We bought the house with the intention to remain in Minnesota for several more years, but are relocating out of state on business. We considered renting and leasing the house but believe a new owner will take care of and enjoy the house much more.
Q: What is your timeline for moving?
A: We are flexible about when we move and will work out our schedule with potential buyers.
Q: Why are you not using a Realtor?
A: We respect the Realtor network and are working with agents to show the house to their customers. We found few Realtors who specialized in stylish and modern homes and decided to reach out to the modern community directly. We would consider using a Realtor at some point if it suits our needs, but expect to find a buyer who will find the lower overall cost attractive.
Q: Why did you create a website specifically for the house?
A: We believe the house to be unique in the area and in the Twin Cities market. We created the website to allow interested home buyers to comfortably preview the house and contact an agent or us directly, and to spread the word about the house. We promoted the site through several local channels and have had a wonderful response.
Q: How does the house compare to others in the area? What other houses are like it on the market?
A: It is difficult to compare this house to others in the area; a typical nearby home is approximately 1,600 square feet (finished), 2-4 bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms, 60+ years old, having 7 foot ceilings and an awkward floor plan. These houses sell for $140 to $170 per square foot. There are a small number of 1960s and 1970s modern homes several blocks north, and being close to the Highland golf course makes them worth over $500,000. We believe this house is an unusually affordable example of modern architecture and clean-line design.
Q: Are you currently taking offers on the house?
A: No, we have accepted an offer for the house and are not taking other offers.
Q: Is the lower level damp/humid/uncomfortable?
A: No, Maida designed the lower level for comfortable year-round use. Being set four feet in the ground there is little temperature fluctuation--on hot days the lower level remains cool and on cold days it remains warm. The lower level is controlled by a separate zone to regulate heat during the winter. While we have run a humidifier during peak winter months, we have never used or needed a dehumidifier. Four foot roof eaves and a graded landscaping are very effective at moving snow and water away from the foundation.
Q: How is the neighborhood?
A: Comfortable, friendly, diverse, and tight. We've gotten to know our surrounding neighbors quite well, some of whom have lived here for over twenty years and one of whom moved in within the past month. Neighbors look out for one another, yet the house affords us tremendous privacy. We frequently take late walks around the neighborhood and along the Mississippi river.
Q: Do you have a truth-in-sale of housing report and seller's disclosure statement?
A: Yes, all the appropriate paperwork is on file with the city and is available during our open house and private showings.
Q: Does the house have hardwood under the carpet?
A: Yes, but it would not be cost effective to salvage them. Like many houses in the area there appear to be hardwood floors under the carpets, but they have glued linoleum flooring that would require considerable effort to restore.
Q: Are you selling your furnishings?
A: No, don't have plans to sell our furnishings. All fixtures remain with the house. We will work with the new owners if they are interested in certain furnishings.
Q: Where did you find your furnishings and how long did it take to decorate?
A: We found many of our items at modern/mid-century specialty shops such as Theater Antiques on Lyndale and Danish Teak Classics on 8th in Minneapolis, and Succotash on Raymond, Timelines on Snelling, and Classic Retro on West 7th in Saint Paul. Several items are from Ikea, and we found various dishware at antique stores in Stillwater. It took almost a year to decorate the house, and the architecture and structural elements provided solid bones for much of the design making the house quite fun and easy to furnish (and live in).