1763 Wordsworth Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55116

The history of this modern house has been gathered from conversations with neighborhood residents familiar with the house. Any additions or corrections are welcome.

Rudy Maida was a respected general contractor and tradesman in the St. Paul area where he and his family lived for many years. Maida lived next door to 1763 Wordsworth in a 1900s duplex for many years until he purchased the lot and architected and built a house for his family. Having lived in pre-war homes and having built newer homes in the suburbs he recognized the importance of large, open spaces to unite family but maintain adequate privacy.

With this in mind he built the house with then-innovative features, such as a full bath on each floor, master and secondary bedrooms on different floors, and a large family recreation room. To realize his open design plan he employed steel supports and decorative exposed masonry in the lower level and beamed, vaulted ceilings in the upper level. This created a sense of height above and openness below.

Maida lived in the house with his family until the 1970s when an elderly woman bought it from the family. She kept the house up and rented the lower level to a nun, and they lived in the house through the 1980s.

In the 1980s, despite is solid structure the house was becoming dated, and in 1992 a young couple bought the house and restored and renovated many original elements, while upgrading others such as landscaping and interiors.

In 2001 the house was bought by another couple who saw the potential for clean, modern living in a mid-century styled retreat. The mechanicals, fixtures, and decoration throughout the house were thoroughly updated but selected in a way that retained the original charm and intent. Now the house has gone full-cycle, restored to its modernist roots and ready to provide another family years of enjoyment.